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Our origins and identity
The Argentine Republic is an important producer of leathers worldwide, for this reason, two determining factors have come together, such as the richness of its extensive Humid Pampa that produces excellent quality of meat and leather, and the great value of tanning knowledge of leathers provided by Central European immigrants who arrived in our country since 1900, after the end of the first and second world wars.

These two important factors have boosted the growth of the booming Argentine Tanning Industry that today exports its manufactures to the world, (recognized for its quality, beauty and high added value), and constitutes a market that demands high standard products and services for its operation. .

PELLITAL S.A. was born in this area of ​​great demand. in the middle of the year 1986.
These days, with more than 33 years of life, we are a reliable supplier of chemical inputs for our Argentine Tanning Industry and, we have also projected activities to external markets such as South America, Central America and China.

We are committed to the permanent development of solutions aimed at offering our customers not only products, but also solutions, promoting a close relationship between them and our technical and commercial staff, who in the form of dynamic work groups, carefully observe the needs of our clients.

We preserve the objective of profitability, focusing our attention on quality, service and productivity, in a framework of mutual trust with our customers.

During the design and formulation of our products, and also of the application processes that we recommend, environmental care is especially taken into account.


PELLITAL S.A. commits its efforts, to the extent of its possibilities, in the Improvement of the Quality of Life, taking care of the working conditions and safety of its employees and, aspires to the growth of the Company, in a world in which the demand for products that meet the needs of customers, will ensure the source of work for the community, taking care of natural resources and the environment for our future generations.


We put all our passion and intelligence in the design and production of chemical products aimed at satisfying our customers, without losing sight of the preservation of the environment.

One of the most precious values, our highly trained staff, dedicated to the production and marketing, with the most modern techniques, can meet severe demands of the local and external market, having as well defined objectives the quality, uniformity of the product and its delivery on time.

We want to be a reliable supplier, meeting the new demands of the market, providing a dynamic, differentiated and efficient technical service, in order to assist our tanning customers, in the search of the highest possible quality for all products manufactured by the leather Industry. 

Tucumán 3475
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Buenos Aires - República Argentina
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