Beamhouse / Tanning

Specific products for liming/unhairing, different types of tanning. Special mention for the Vetacrom Chrome Tanning System, without sulfuric acid and low offer of salt.


Wide range of Bactericidal products, with different active ingredients for the prevention and care of all types of raw skins, during conservation and soaking. Proposal of different Fungicides formulated with combined active ingredients to achieve synergistic effect and effective protection of "wet-blue", chrome free and vegetable.


Vegetable retanning products, aldehydic retanning agents, retanning agents for white leathers, synthetic resins, neutralizers, dispersants that provide excellent properties.


Neutralizing products, leveling, dispersants, penetration agents.

Full range of PELLANIL dyes

Kelon dyes

Complete range of PRIMACIN pigments for drum dyeing.


We produce a wide range of oils and greases for leather with very good application results, which confer tightness, softness and fullness properties with excellent fiber lubrication.


Products for the primary and secondary treatment of wastewater from the soaking, tanning / retanning processes. Treatment and reuse of them.

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