When a skin that just has been extracted from the animal, the immune mechanism of protection against micro-organisms, typical of this living being (bacteria, fungi, yeasts, protozoa, viruses, etc.) is interrupted.

At the end of life, these microorganisms find nothing that prevents their rapid development and reproduction.

If we do not prevent this microbial activity, the raw skin will suffer a de-figurative action, due to bacterial degradation, which affects its aesthetic and physical quality.

During their actions, proteolytic bacteria have their own mechanism for releasing enzymes, such as proteases that degrade the proteins present in the structure of the leather.

That is why we must protect fresh, salted and / or dry skin from bacteria during storage, transport and also during soaking prior to the unhairing process.

Pellital SA. offers its customers a series of bactericidal products, suitable for the effective protection of the skins and prevent bacterial development in them.

Bactericidal Products

Bac  AM 6

Broad spectrum and fast-acting biocide, ideal for sanitizing environments highly contaminated with microorganisms, salted skins and wet blue storage, etc.

Bac  CM 150

Bactericide based on stabilized azole compounds in aqueous solution, with a broad spectrum, allows the prevention of bacterial development in soaking and unhairing operations in alkaline bath for all types of skins.

Bac  DT 200

Bactericidal based on derivatives of carbamic acid, indicated for the prevention of bacterial development in conservation, soaking and unhairing operations for all types of skins.

Bac  PE 400

Broad spectrum bactericide for the control of microorganisms that deteriorate the proteins of fresh skins.

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